Thanks for your response!

Thanks to all of you who made it out to the concert in Acton at the end of June.  We had a really great time and felt that there was a good feel to the evening.  Though we haven’t made any definite plans yet, we are thinking seriously of a second CD lanch concert in Toronto in October.  We will definitely be posting more information about that as the date approaches, and as plans crystalize.

In the meantime, let us know what you thought of the concert, and if you have photos please send them to us.  We didn’t take any ourselves, and so have nothing yet to document the concert.  If you haven’t grabbed a copy of the CD yet, or if you need a copy for a friend, visit the Shop link on this page, or click the Buy Now button below…

Thanks again for your part in making the concert a success.



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More musical friends

We are thrilled to report that our good friends Glen Soderholm and David White will join us for a few songs on Saturday..  They have been incredibly supportive of our music, and despite their hectic schedules always seem to find time to lend a hand.

Check out Glen’s website ( Glen Soderholm ) to learn more about his ministry and to see his own concert schedule.

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Directions to the Roxy in Acton Ontario

The Roxy is located at 6 Mill St East in Acton.  Parking is available (free) at two parking lots near the venue..  Check the maps and links at Concert Directions.

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Visual Artists on Wide Open

In our last posting we talked about the musicians who will be helping us out on Saturday.  In this message I’d like to draw your attention to five visual artists who lent their talents to the CD itself.

Stephen and Ellen Stanley allowed us to use two of their pieces on the jacket.  Their work is stunningly beautiful, and we are very appreciative of their gift.

Philip Maher (photographer) spent a couple of very cold hours with us one winter evening in order to get the shot which now graces the front cover of the CD.  We were both amazed at his creativity - particularly in such a hostile climate.  I suppose we shouldn’t have been surprised as he regularly shoots in difficult situations wherever his work with World Vision takes him.

Laura Coutts is an award winning Guelph artist who took on the challenge of creating images which reflect the lyrics for each of the songs on the album. To say we were blown away by the paintings would be an understatement! Thanks Laura..

And lastly, Andy McLennan (Cartographics) is a great friend and fellow musician who worked tirelessly with us to create a CD package which pulls all of these graphical elements together.  Thanks Andy!

I think all of these people will be at the concert, so we will also have a chance to thank them there, but we wanted to bring them to your attention ahead of time.

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Musical Friends List is growing!

We wanted to let you know about a few more musicians we’ve confirmed for the night.  Kevin Morse of the Great Wooden Trio will be joining us on guitar.  Kevin’s a really sensitive and interesting player and a great songwriter as well.  Jeremy Giesbrecht, the very talented multi-instrumentalist and leader of The Gun Shy Rebels will be bringing his arsenal of instruments - flute, clarinet, accordian and whatever else he thinks to bring. And Greg Woods, also of the Great Wooden Trio, will be joining us with some of his percussion instruments too. As well, we’ve been really happy in the last couple of years to have Marian Butler adding her harmonies to the mix. Marian’s the glue that holds our vocals together.

So with Fergus Marsh on bass and Gary Craig on drums we’ve got a pretty astonishing ensemble for the night and we can hardly wait.  Again, it’s on Saturday, September 28 at 8pm at the Roxy in Acton.  Hope you can join us.

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